Tire Size 35/12.5R20: Everything You Need to Know

Tire size 35/12.5R20 is a popular choice for off-road vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. It is a large tire that provides good ground clearance and traction in challenging conditions. However, it is important to choose the right 35/12.5R20 tire for your vehicle and needs. There are many different brands, models, and tread patterns available, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about tire size 35/12.5R20, including:

  • What it means
  • Pros and cons
  • Choosing the right tire for your vehicle
  • Installation and maintenance tips

What does 35/12.5R20 mean?

The tire size 35/12.5R20 can be broken down into four parts:

  • 35: This is the overall diameter of the tire in inches.
  • 12.5: This is the width of the tire in inches.
  • R: This stands for radial, which is the type of construction used in most tires today.
  • 20: This is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

Pros and cons of 35/12.5R20 tires

There are both pros and cons to consider when choosing 35/12.5R20 tires.


  • Increased ground clearance: 35/12.5R20 tires are much larger than stock tires, which gives your vehicle increased ground clearance. This is important for off-road driving, as it allows you to clear obstacles and avoid getting stuck.
  • Improved traction: 35/12.5R20 tires also have a wider tread pattern than stock tires. This provides improved traction in mud, sand, and other challenging conditions.
  • More aggressive appearance: 35/12.5R20 tires can give your vehicle a more aggressive and off-road-ready appearance.


  • Reduced fuel economy: 35/12.5R20 tires are heavier and larger than stock tires, which can reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • Increased noise: 35/12.5R20 tires can also be louder than stock tires, especially at highway speeds.
  • Potential fitment issues: 35/12.5R20 tires may not fit on all vehicles without modifications. It is important to check with a qualified tire installer to make sure that these tires will fit on your vehicle.

Choosing the right 35/12.5R20 tire for your vehicle

When choosing 35/12.5R20 tires for your vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Vehicle type: Consider the type of vehicle you have and how you will be using it. If you are planning on doing a lot of off-road driving, you will need a tire that is designed for those conditions. If you are mostly going to be driving on the road, you may want to choose a tire that is more focused on comfort and fuel economy.
  • Tread pattern: There are many different tread patterns available for 35/12.5R20 tires. Some tread patterns are designed for specific types of driving, such as off-road, mud, or all-terrain. Choose a tread pattern that is right for your needs.
  • Load capacity: Make sure to choose 35/12.5R20 tires that have a load capacity that is equal to or greater than the weight of your vehicle.
  • Speed rating: Choose 35/12.5R20 tires that have a speed rating that is equal to or greater than the maximum speed of your vehicle.
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Installation and maintenance tips

If you are having 35/12.5R20 tires installed on your vehicle, it is important to have them installed by a qualified professional. These tires are heavy and difficult to install, so it is important to have them done correctly.

Once you have 35/12.5R20 tires installed, it is important to maintain them properly. This includes rotating them regularly and checking the air pressure often. 35/12.5R20 tires are more prone to wear and tear than stock tires, so it is important to inspect them regularly for signs of damage.

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